About IdeK

IdeK is an association for individuals, organisations and companies. We focus on cultural heritage and digital communication. IdeK stands for Innovation, Ideas, Design, Communication and Cultural Heritage.

About IdeK

The IdeK is a digital hub of excellence for the Swedish cultural heritage sector. Our goal is to gather and disseminate information, best practices and inspiration about digital communication, innovation and cultural heritage. The association runs a newsletter, organizes seminars/webinars, workshops and professional visits.

Since 2015 we are running the Sweden Digital Identity Program in collaboration with Abhay Adhikari (PhD.), Dhyaan Design, UK.


Contribute to increased knowledge in the field of digital communication in the cultural heritage sector Contribute to increased networking and dialogue between different actors Inspire and contribute to renewal and innovation in the field


Listen: Find out what target audiences want and what the needs are, find out what is trending and in practice 
In a national and international perspective Network: Encourage and create interfaces between different actors, both non-commercial and commercial
Communicate: Advance knowledge about current projects, initiatives, services, strategies, etc.
Knowledge Development: Offer workshops, breakfast seminars, usability labs, etc.

The association was formed in June 2010.

Board members 2018

  • Kajsa Hartig, Senior advisor, Digital Interaction, Nordiska museet/Nordic museum, Chairman, Co-founder
  • Johan Lindblom, Communicator at Västarvet, Vice Chairman
  • Olof Somell, Nobel Museum, Communicator, Treasurer
  • Emma Reimfelt, Head of Communication, Nordiska museet/Nordic museum, board member
  • Jen Lindblad, Digital Strategist, Museums of World Culture, Board member
  • Weronica Meijer, Educator, Nordiska museet/Nordic Museum, Secretary
  • Matthieu Hartig, Communication officer at Uppsala Senior Society, Co-founder, Treasurer

Contact info@idek.se