Snart är det dags för 2017 års MuseumWeek. Det är ett årligt event då museer världen över twittrar innehåll inom ett särskilt förvalt tema. IdeK fick chans att ställa några frågor till två av personerna bakom initiativet:

Benjamin BENITA, MuseumWeek International Coordinator, @benben71
Mar Dixon, MuseumWeek International Ambassador, @mardixon


What is the main purpose behind Museum Week?

For museums and galleries around the world to showcase their collection and engage with the public in a way they might not be abe to on their own. #MuseumWeek is an international online event celebrating and showcasing all things from cultural institutions over 7 days, 7 themes, 7 hashtags! It will provide an opportunity for Galeries, Librairies, Archives and Museums to share and discuss their special passions with the public on social networks, using hashtags dedicated to the event.

Can you say something about this year’s theme?

#MuseumWeek is committed to the cause of gender equality, so we decided to dedicate 2017 to all women and young women in the World. Thus, on top of the regular daily hashtags mentioned here below, we would really love to see some of your publications around the “Women and Culture” theme with #WomenMW, whenever you can during the week. Contents related to this theme will have more chances to be republished on our official channels!

For the daily hashtags, we took the idea of basing the themes around Lifestyle. Each daily tag is something all museums and galleries should be able to get behind with!

You can discover all the daily hashtags on

Do you see a growing engagement from the cultural heritage sector when it comes to digital communication?

We know that many museums are still not on social media or using it in a social way but when events like MuseumWeek happen it allows them to explore different ways to show their collections. On the 3500 participants from last year, we had 278 in the cultural heritage sector so we deeply hope that there will be a lot more this year, our partnership with UNESCO might help!

If you had to choose just one topic for MuseumWeek, what would it be?

#WomenMW – it’s the first year we have an overarching theme for the week, and it’s the first time we have done a week’s theme around lifestyle to try to relate to more people in the world to connect with collections and specialist collections.

Can you give a call to action for Swedish museums to join in on the week?

We would love to have more Swedish museums to sign up for MuseumWeek this year! Last year we had 17 but know there are many more that could and should sign up. Even if it’s just one Tweet, Facebook or Instagram post a day using the hashtag(s) #MuseumWeek #WomenMW or the daily tag we are sure they will enjoy the response from the public!

Are there any lessons learned from previous years when it comes to planning/orchestring the week?

The community of cultural institutions on social networks is incredibly committed to the cause of Culture and Art and they are intensely motivated and very creative, they act like free surfers, it means that we have to challenge ourselves every year in order to provide a general frame with a lot of freedom of interpretation!

Can you share an insight from something you learnt when working with MW?

That the public really have a thirst for wanting to learn more about their local and national museums!

#MuseumWeek 2017 is coming!


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