Embrace the Next Big Shift in Storytelling, Engagement and Social Impact

The Digital Identity programme is a 1 year collaborative development project. Participating organisations will learn how to exploit the power of social and digital media to develop an engagement strategy that creates real impact and enables you to connect with new audiences. The programme has 4 phases. Each phase begins with a workshop and participants receive regular one-to-one support to turn your ideas into action. During the course of the programme, you will also develop a project idea with a strong digital aspect that is backed by a clear business case.

The participants of the 2015 programme are Historiska museet, Tekniska museet, Naturhistoriska riksmuseet and Stockholms Stadsmuseum. Now in phase 3 of the one year programme, each organisation has developed an innovative social media engagement programme with a focus on real participation – from urban gardening to hyperlocal storytelling. Other facilitators and guest speakers on this programme include experts from leading organisations in the UK, The Netherlands and Germany.