#swedip Sweden Digital Identities Programme

Four museum organizations are, in 2019, participating in the training and development program, Sweden Digital Identities Programme – A step towards a digital organization.Through this program we support legacy cultural institutes to build digital capacity and cut through the white noise of social media to have powerful dialogue online. We’re also enabling them to take bold new steps to reimagine the museum experience by operating as centres for social innovation.The training program starts January 18, 2019 and runs throughout the year ending early 2020. The museums participating are:

Previously participating organizations

The Swedish History Museum, The Stockholm City Museum, The Swedish Museum of Natural History and The Swedish Museum of Science and Technology

The Nordic Museum, The Swedish Performing Arts Agency and The National Museums of World Culture

The museums of Västarvet

Röhhska Museum of Design and CraftGothenburg Maritime Museum and Aquarium, Gothenburg City Museum, Gothenburg Art Museum, County Museums of Halland.


The program aims to create a digital identity for the organization, and to create a value-driven digital ecosystem that invites various visitors to interact with the cultural heritage. The participating organizations will also explore new digital trends. This includes f.ex. social media, 3D printing, open data and immersive museum experiences.

The program is based on Digital Identity, developed by Abhay Adhikari (PhD), an education concept with seminars and workshops that have been delivered to a variety of audience in nine countries, from creative entrepreneurs in Moscow to multinational companies managers in Berlin. The program has in Sweden been adapted and further developed for the museum sector.

The one-year development program is implemented in four phases, which includes training in digital tools, creating social media campaigns with a special focus on storytelling, building a network of physical and virtual activities, and to create sustainable strategies and methods.

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Kajsa Hartig, Abhay Adhikari and Merel van der Vaart.

Lead facilitators are

Abhay Adhikari (PhD)
Abhay Adhikari (PhD) is currently based in the UK where he is working with government, media and cultural organizations to develop change and advocacy programs. This includes Telegraph Media Group, Channel 4 Television and Leeds City Council. Abhay has a research background in biofeedback Gaming.
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Kajsa Hartig (MA)
Kajsa Hartig is Head of Collections and Cultural Environments at Västernorrlands Museum, and formerly Senior Advisor and Digital Strategist at the Department of Digital Interaction, The Nordic Museum/Nordiska museet. She is currently project manager of the international research project Collecting Social Photo, aiming at developing new methods for collecting social media photography. She is also chair of IdeK. Kajsa has more than 20 years experience of digital development in museums and archives. She is regularly presenting at national and international conferences, and provides through IdeK training for the Swedish cultural sector.

Merel van der Vaart
Merel van der Vaart is the owner of Dutch consultancy agency Muse – Mensen & musea. Over the past 10 years, she has worked with a number of museums across Europe on projects that build bridges between collections and people. She uses technology as one of many tools to explore and create relevance, participation, radical trust and knowledge sharing.  In her work, Merel combines hands-on experience with academic knowledge. As a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam, Merel explores the relationship between technology, museum objects and visitors.

Partners: IdeK

IdeK is a hub of excellence in digital media, with a focus on cultural heritage. The board members are working in the heritage and non-profit sector, f.ex. The Nordic Museum, The National Museums of World Culture and Västarvet.